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Praise for A Cabinet of Wonders

"A rare treat: a diverting and insightful piece of quirky fiction." --Kirkus, starred review

"Dodd's prose is graceful, smooth, and intelligent, and her well-researched debut novel is sure to please many readers. Highly recommended." --Library Journal, starred review

"Dodd's writing is irresistable from the opening lines." --The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

"Dodd's quirky, moving and utterly unique novel has crisp, smart writing and amazing verisimilitude of place, time and character. No voyeuristic freak show, Cabinet of Wonders is about the perils of marginalization and the costs of acceptance." --The Baltimore Sun

"Renee Dodd has achieved something wondrous...she has taken characters we tend to shun as 'other' and made them into ourselves by involving us in their passion, their pain, and their vulnerable, hopeful laughter. A great debut!" -- Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

"It’s a blessing to find any novel these days this ambitious and original... the prose is both elegant and robust, the storytelling both subtle and vivid, and the scale of it both epic and intimate. Finding the humanity in the denizens of a circus freak show isn't as unusual as it used to be, thank God, but doing it with such compassion, wit, and sensuality is remarkable in any era. Make no mistake about it: A Cabinet of Wonders isn't a sideshow: it’s the main attraction." -- James Hynes



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